Amazing use of lids from plastic dishes: the master class

Every home used plastic utensils: buckets, jars, large and small bottles. Empty containers can be used not only for economic purposes but also for educational games with the children, as well as creativity.

Caps come in different colors, so one of the easiest classes - mix them in a box, and then, almost at the Montessori method, sorted by color and size.


Give your child the first task: to pick up the lid to the pan of appropriate size, and then put them in jars with lids of similar color. Suit and plastic buckets with glued or painted colored figures. White caps are good for studying and drafting letters of words. Write to them consonants marker blue vowels - red. It is important that the marker was indelibly to the kid is not soiled.

A wonderful option for creativity that does not require cost - applique with colorful covers. Each cap will provide head and torso of the character. Our heroes are fishes, birds, insects, mice, dogs and kittens. For the remaining parts will need colored paper, eyes for toys and glue. Place the application on the basis of a dense, but it was not possible to glue - just draw.


If the caps are many enough, the older artisans make a mosaic, horizontal or vertical.

A mosaic of lids matched for color, you can decorate the table, garden furniture, rug making and painting, paving garden paths. Caps are placed outside or inside side up, glued, nailed or even sutured previously caved.


Experienced artists decorate the mosaic wall, balcony, house wall and gable roof, laying an amazing designs and themes.


If the caps and the experience is not enough, start with design flower pots and small garden compositions. Use of a synthetic adhesive, resistant to external effects of temperature and humidity, as well as tack.


On the basis of the wire frame and solid braid boys with dad easily make robots and monsters from the computer games and cartoons, octopus and snake. For details on the stringing thread needs to be done in the pre-opening cover.


Putting caps, inspire and create masterpieces!