MRI study proved that the gadgets are changing children's brains

Scientists using the MRI apparatus have shown that white matter in children who spend much time with gadgets changes.

In a study by American scientists took part Babes preschool age, generally from 3 to 5 years.

All volunteers children were selected based on the results of the survey of parents. Do mothers and fathers were asked how much time their children spend with the computer, tablet and smartphones, and after that the children carried out brain scans using MRI machine and a few cognitive tests.

It turned out that the guys are constantly interacted with gadgetsIt was different brain structure and integrity of the white matter. This is the substance responsible for reading skills and language development. Thus, scientists were able to prove that the uncontrolled use of gadgets at such a young age hurts.

Researchers responsible reminded parents that the use of the gadgets should be limited to two hours per day.

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