Why children grind their teeth during sleep

Sometimes it happens that instead of a cot peaceful snore at night heard a terrible gnashing... This can be repeated several times during the night and last for a few seconds. But why it happens and how to fight it?

The people there is a myth, "Kohl child grinding his teeth, then ripped apart by worms." Should not be afraid, this myth does not unfounded. We creaking teeth worms children do not occur more frequently than others. But to find out the cause of the grinding (bruxism) is still worth it, because it is a direct threat to the very teeth.


The true causes of this phenomenon is not yet clearly established. This may be a manifestation of stress or dysregulation of the depth of sleep (even in such violations include snoring, nightmares and nocturnal enuresis). Most often this phenomenon occurs in children of preschool age or with the appropriate heredity, boys are more girls to him. Also nocturnal gnashing of teeth can cause malocclusion, violation of the structure of the dentition and facial skull.

Such a cause as stress is necessary to allocate especially. Adult, it may seem that children's version of stress too easier than their disasters, but children are more vulnerable to it difficult for them to cope with their emotion. The culprit of stress may be a conflict with parents or peers, reviewed recent scary movie, the upcoming performance, and more.


To help your crumbs cope with this disease, talk with him about his problems and concerns, try to dispel his fears. Talk to them before going to sleep to the baby went to bed already calmed. Make sure that the last hour and a half before going to bed the child was busy with quiet games, can read it or just look through a picture book. During this time, all the muscles relax and the baby will sleep better.

You should not feed your baby just before bedtime. Better after dinner to go on a short walk in the fresh air, during which you can eat an apple or a carrot, then you can take a relaxing bath, which can also be combined with an intimate conversation. Sweets and chocolates in the evening, too, should be avoided, the crumbs will be better chew what some fruit. All of this will help your child relax before going to bed and sleep peacefully and soundly.


But regardless of the cause of bruxism, eventually it stops. The child simply outgrow. But if it is still going on and does not go more than a few months, it is necessary to see a specialist, and in any case, do not let it go! After all the teeth may be subject to severe wear, and the baby in the morning will suffer from dental and headaches occurring at constant muscular load.

It is believed that an infrequent gnashing of less than 10 seconds does not require treatment, but in other cases it is necessary to be surveyed and find out the reason. It remains to wish you and your kids quiet and restful sleep.