Hormonal Imbalance: 5 signs that you have problems with the thyroid gland and how to treat

Unexplained weight gain, sweating, drowsiness and depression, excessive growth of body hair - all these are signs of hormonal imbalance. How to help yourself?

Even if you change your daily routine, rest, have switched to healthier foodBut nothing has changed, urgently address to the endocrinologist. These symptoms may indicate a malfunction in the thyroid gland.

Top 5 signs of hormone imbalance

1. Unexplained weight gain

Common hormonal cause of obesity - decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism). When latent hypothyroidism difficult to lose weight even with a low-calorie diet. This is due to the fact that all processes are slowed metabolism in the body. But usually when this disorder, there are other symptoms. For example, facial swelling, paleness, excessive hair loss, constipation, drowsiness, poor tolerance of cold, decreased memory and attention.

If hypothyroidism is suspected, consult an endocrinologist, hand over the analysis on hormones and make US of a thyroid gland. Correctly selected the dose of hormones can help improve health and reduce weight sometimes even without dieting.

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2. Abundant hair loss

Very often, a hormonal imbalance affects the condition of hair. For example, growth hormone deficiency growth hormone causes the hair lose volume. A lack of thyroid hormone can cause diffuse (focal) alopecia hair. Strengthened hair loss may be due to the influence of male sex hormones, which in small quantities contained in the female body.

The associated hair loss occurs most often between 18 and 44 years. Prior to complete baldness, as a rule, does not reach. However, gradually thinning hair, parted in the middle expands, it becomes noticeable crown. To identify the cause, refer to trichologist and gynecologist-endocrinologist.

3. Excess body hair grew, and violation of the cycle

Possible cause - in violation of the thyroid gland, or excessive formation of the hormone prolactin. It is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for lactation during pregnancy. During feeding prolactin increases. If it occurs outside of pregnancy and lactation, the woman may experience disruptions of the menstrual cycle, and many other gynecological problems. Complete the survey at the gynecologist-endocrinologist.

4. Severe fatigue and depression

If you become tired for no apparent reason and literally sleep on the go, turn blood TSH levels (thyroid-stimulating hormone of the thyroid gland). The nervous system responds immediately to any malfunction of the internal organs, and, above all, endocrine disruptions.

5. In addition, signs of thyroid diseases may be: decreased concentration,irritability, mood swings. Consult with an endocrinologist.

5 symptoms of hormonal imbalance / istockphoto.com

3 exercises to balance hormones

Posture angle. Lie on your back, bend the left leg at the knee, pull up to her foot and grasp the hand. Pull the right leg, as in the photo, and try to get a hold of the right foot.

Pose fish. Straighten your legs, arms - under the buttocks. Cave in so that the chest is opened as much as possible. Reliance - on the buttocks, hands, forearms, and the crown.

The pose of a crocodile. Lying down, legs bent at the knees. Turn body to the right (left knee should touch the floor). Grasp the foot of the right leg.

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