Zone cleavage: how to prevent the first wrinkles

Zone neckline can help you look younger than their years - but it can also add the age, if not in time for her to worry.

Unfortunately, very few people watching the skin in the neck area as well as for face. Meanwhile, the skin there is very delicate and it needs special care, nutrition and hydration quality cream (more bold than the face). Otherwise, wrinkles appear sooner than you can think about them. And especially, they will be visible on contrast with the smooth young face, which got more care.

The reasons for the appearance of wrinkles in the neck area

1. Sleeping on your side or stomach. In this position, the neckline is always in a compressed state, also increases the risk of wrinkles on the face and neck.

2. A tan. The skin in the neck area is very thin, dry and sensitive, but because it has a negative impact on the effects of UV radiation, which further thins and dries out.

3. weight jumps. If you dramatically lost weight, the skin would not have time to catch up. On other parts of the body it droops, and upper chest is taken folds.

4. Pregnancy and childbirth. Hormonal changes, the growing weight and weight loss after childbirth - all this is reflected in the woman's body in the form of wrinkles.

5. Too squeezing laundry. If you become easier to breathe when you remove the bra, then, most likely, he just does not fit your size. Also it harms the laundry with a strong push-up effect, as unnaturally squeezes the breast and the skin around it.

6.Age. With proper skin care can delay the appearance of wrinkles, but gradually they will still appear. Your task - to make it happen as late as possible.

What to do to in the area of ​​neck wrinkles do not appear?

1. Moisturize and nourish the skin from within. To do this, you need to eat plenty of fresh vegetables and salads to fill with oil, cold pressed.

2. Nourish the skin from the outside. For this special cream sold. Tool that you put on your face, not suitable for the décolleté, because there are more than dry skin. Mask for décolleté.

3. Do gentle exfoliation 2-3 times a week.It is important that the facility was mild, non-traumatic skin, for example, or scrub with fruit acids.

4. In the season of active sun to put on chest cream with UV protection at least 30 SPF.

5. Do massage using oils and contrasting compresses. To apply a little massage oil on cosmetic décolleté, stroking movements gently massage it without stretching or damaging. Contrasting compresses can be done using a small towels: immerse it in a moderately hot, then in cold water and push the upper chest.

6. Drink Sufficient water. Dehydration makes the skin not only wrinkled, but dull, overall health worsens.

If wrinkles have already appeared, then at home to cope with them is almost impossible - need the help of a professional cosmetologist. To combat wrinkles in the neck area is a set of procedures of aesthetic cosmetology: mesotherapy, bio-revitalization, introduction Botox, rejuvenation, etc. But all of them are expensive, and in due course the effect disappears, because the procedure is necessary to regularly to repeat. So that wrinkles in the neck area, as any other, it is easier to prevent than to deal with the already existing ones.

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