Ectopic pregnancy: causes, symptoms and early treatment

Ectopic Pregnancy - one of the most serious obstacles to motherhood. This abnormal condition is a threat to the life of the pregnant woman. What are the causes of ectopic pregnancy and how to recognize it in time?

What is an ectopic pregnancy? What are the first signs of an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages? This actually talk that every woman has been able to respond quickly to the disaster and immediately seek professional help.


Ectopic pregnancy - a kind of pathological condition in which the female body fails during the fertilization process. It is understood that when the proper development of pregnancy, the fertilized egg is in the uterus itself. If the egg is entrenched in another place - the cervix, ovary, abdomen, or on the walls of the fallopian tubes, then this phenomenon is considered a pathology that requires urgent intervention specialists.

It should be remembered that negligence on the part of doctors and future moms may entail a danger to health and even life of the woman.

The main causes of ectopic pregnancy
hormonal disruptions - the most common point of pathology, as a result of which the egg loses the ability to attach and promotion to the uterus.

Absence of a tubal - the zygote has to overcome a long distance to a functioning tube, and then to the uterus, which causes the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

carcinoma - they can block the path of the embryo to the uterus.

Transferred female surgery - as a result of surgery increases the risk of post-surgical adhesions that prevent the rapid movement of the zygote.

Inflammatory processes adnexaland, as well as the fallopian tubes - the egg can not reach the destination because of the barrier of such interference, such as adhesions, scarring and fibrotic bands.

Infectious diseasesSuch as chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, etc.


Signs of an ectopic pregnancy. Signs of an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages are very similar to the signs of a healthy conception. A pregnant woman stops menstruating, nausea, drowsiness, changes in taste preferences, swollen breasts. But it is only at the beginning, because further development of abnormal pregnancy makes itself felt in full.

Ectopic pregnancy is characterized by the following features:

  • spotting;
  • abdominal pain;
  • malaise, up to the loss of consciousness;
  • pronounced toxemia;
  • fever;
  • a sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  • the presence of internal bleeding, accompanied by pallor;
  • shortness of breath, cold sweats, and rapid pulse.

There are three stages of occurrence of ectopic pregnancy:
- ongoing pregnancy - recognized in the early stages when the developing fetus;

- terminate the pregnancy - the one that flowed outside of the uterus, and suddenly broke off on their own for the possible cause of rupture of the fallopian tube. The consequence of such a pregnancy may be bleeding from a threat to a woman's life.

- to terminate a pregnancy - it lends itself to medical abortion, but after 6 weeks only possible surgery.


To date, there is no way to save the fetus that develops outside the uterus. In most cases surgical treatment with surgical removal of the embryo.

One option - a laparoscopic surgery that is performed in the early stages (the embryo was removed and sutured oviduct).

The second option - not the best, when the embryo is removed with the fallopian tube and one ovary. But in spite of this the woman after a long recovery remains a chance the next successful conception and childbearing.

And the third option - the most dangerous of all, when there was a rupture of the fallopian tube, which itself can lead to death.

In order to avoid the consequences of an ectopic pregnancy should take care of yourself and your health, namely, to comply with the necessary preventive measures in time to respond and begin treatment, as well as listen to your the body! Be healthy.

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