How to choose a cooked sausage: expert advice

October 18 on "Inter" was a new edition of "A useful program."

In the studio, talk show host Alexander Lukyanenko and an expert on quality and safety of food Maria Janczyk gave advice on the choice of the cooked sausage.

«The risk to buy low-quality boiled sausage today is high enough - says the expert "utility program" Maria Yanchik. - It is connected with harmful ingredients, which it sometimes contains. So many consumers in the purchase price tag trust - they say, is more expensive than the sausage, so it is higher quality. Alas, this is not always the case. Therefore, choosing a cooked sausage, be sure to pay attention to its texture, color, and composition. Quality cooked sausage should be elastic, without cavities and lumps, color - pink or light pink if it is not chicken. As for the ingredients - the smaller of the list, the better».

According to the expert, in the boiled premium sausages made in accordance with GOST, may include: pork, beef, water, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, spices. In this case, the product should not be vegetable proteins, fiber, starch and mechanically treated meats

very cheap and of low quality.

«Better not take a sausage, which has a slippery shell - Maria continues Janczyk. - If the sausage is soft to the touch, it means that it contains a lot of water. Also, do not choose a product with additional prefixes to the name or the one on which you have noticed a considerable list of 'Eshek. " At the same time, the standard allows the use of certain additives, such as coloring retainer (sodium nitrite) E250, food phosphates increase stuffing density, E451, E450, E621 flavor enhancer».

Following expert advice, and it is necessary to look at the conditions of storage of sausage and its shelf life "The raw material for cooked sausages is salted beef, and it has a lot of water, so they are stored for long. Shelf life is dependent on the packaging. For premium sausages in natural casing - a maximum of 72 hours in a polyethylene film - 8-10 days and in vacuum - up to 15 days. The temperature in the refrigerator should be from 0 to 6 degrees inclusive. It is important to remember that the product is packaged without vacuum has a lower shelf life».

It is interesting that at the time of its introduction in the 30-ies of XX century, the gentle grade of sausage was considered one of the best and meant for people with poor health, so it is called - "Doctor." Since then, the methods of production of sausage have not changed, but the number of items and varieties of this product has increased considerably. How not to be mistaken in choosing a quality product?

«Cooked sausages are considered a dietary product, - says talk show host Alexander Lukyanenko. - However, according to experts, not all of them can be useful. To avoid any unpleasant consequences for the organism, always carefully study the composition before you buy and choose the premium sausage».

Even more useful tips on how to choose the cooked sausage - the release of a talk show on the quality of life "Living Program":