How to solve the problem without the hassle of bed-wetting in children

Did you know that children are among the most stressful events of your life bedwetting tied for third place after his parents' divorce and street fights?

Bedwetting impairs their quality of life and causes:
  • feelings of guilt and shame;
  • poor self-esteem;
  • reduction of social participation;
  • substandard fitful sleep;
  • fitful sleep of other family members;
  • development of severe depression in older age.

Enuresis, or bedwetting - involuntary urination during sleep. This is a normal stage of development of the baby. urinary control during sleep time is formed to an average of 4-5 years. But 10-15% of children in this age still happen overnight trouble. And just 1-2% of the episodes of incontinence occur in older age. But this does not mean that we should just wait. The kid is experiencing a lot of stress, and he needs help!

Most importantly - bedwetting is not the fault of the child or his parents!

What is nocturnal enuresis?

The problem of enuresis is still poorly understood. However, it can be stated as follows: "wet" night connected with the peculiarities of the nervous system of the baby.

Possible causes of trouble are also night:

  • the allocation of the excess of urine at night or in a small volume of the bladder;
  • dysregulated release of antidiuretic hormone vasopressin;
  • excessively deep sleep;
  • emotional reasons;
  • hypertrophy of the adenoids and tonsils;
  • genetic causes.

How can we help?

Step 1. Calm yourself and the baby.

It is important to understand that neither you nor your kids are not to blame! Explain to your child that this is a widespread phenomenon and there is nothing to worry about. Kid needs your support! In no case can not criticize or make fun of it.

Step 2. The correct mode of the day and useful psychological tricks.

No need to limit the amount of fluid throughout the day, it is better to reduce the evening, and before going to sleep at all excluded. Urinating before bedtime should be mandatory!

Actively involve the baby in the problem-solving process. Allow him to choose the color of the bed or to collect dirty laundry, lay a bed.

Do not forget to cheer the child, if there was a nuisance at night.

Such behavioral therapy may last for 2-3 months. 20-30% of children of this enough to get rid of the problem.

Step 3. doctor's consultation.

If 2-3 months no improvement is observed, it is necessary to resort to more radical methods.

Most often, the next step becomes Alarm-therapy, which uses a special night alarm reacting to moisture in shorts.

If this does not work, you need to consult your family doctor or pediatrician.

During the solution of the problem of incontinence can give your child confidence panties night DryNites®. Putting on such shorts, kid realizes that even if the night will be "wet," nothing bad will happen.

Benefits absorbent nightwear:

  • safe, reliable and easy to use every night or as needed;
  • It provides peaceful sleep without waking;
  • You do not need to worry about wet sheets;
  • convenient to use during overnight stays away from home.

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