Scientists: nail polish can harm the health of women

Some manufacturers of nail polish is added to the products components, preventing the cracking of the varnish.

Physicians are reminded that in varnishes contains several questionable chemical ingredients. This and formaldehyde to the liquid was not dense, and toluene (shine), and dibutyl phthalate - prevents cracking varnish.

For example, dibutyl phthalate is a toxic compound, adversely affecting the health of the woman - her reproductive and endocrine systems.

Toxicologists note that problems may occur immediately, but after a few decades, the use of toxic nail tools. The problem may also be a varnish, the shelf life of which has already ended - they also change the chemical composition, there are dangerous substances.

Women are advised not to use paints the most economical price segments, them carefully to LABELS: designation 3-FREE or 5-FREE means the absence of 3 or 5 and hazardous substances in lacquer.

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