Do you know how to make coffee: 5 most common mistakes

Delicious coffee to help you wake up in the morning, to maintain alertness during the day, will add to your life a sense of fullness of life.

Improper water temperature

Do you know what the temperature required for cooking coffee? 95 degrees! Therefore it is better to use a french press - it is cheaper and tastier coffee is obtained.

Ground coffee

You know, the longer kept ground coffee, the worse its taste? Therefore, we recommend to buy a coffee grinder and grind the beans just before brewing coffee.

cold cup

To make sure your coffee stayed hot, heated dishes. Rinse the cup with hot water.

Do you know how to make coffee: 5 most common mistakes /

Older coffee beans

Coffee beans should be fresh. So always check the shelf life on the packaging. The ideal time - 3 weeks.

wrong proportions

Pour coffee on the eyes - our bad habit. Here the correct ratio: 17 g of coffee (about 3 tsp) in 260 ml of water. This will be a standard coffee - not strong and not watery.

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