“Perelyt”: Nikita Dobrin, Valentina Khamaiko and Lilya Rebrik at the bright cartoon

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What's the story of flying far beyond the borders of life at the heart of the family in the original story “Perelyt”!

New animation from Illumination – the creators of such hits as “Posipacks”, “Worthless Me”, “Sing” and “Secrets of Pets” - on great screens!

The dubbing mandrivka’s charismatic eyes were destroyed by the dubbing: the host of the show “Closer to the Stars” on the TET channel and influencer Nikita Dobrin, leading the ranking project “Snidanok. Weekend" on 1+1 Ukraine Valentina Khamayko, host of the ranking show "Rank at Home" on the channel "Dim" Liliya Rebrik.

The energy and courage of Pam, who always breathes into the homeland to revive it again, has been preserved Liliya Rebrik. In the very heat of the moment, the feathered homeland is destroying the still-unknown mandrivka. In front of the TV presenter, who is a great witness to dubbing, shares his emotions: “My heroine is incredibly close to me, and even like that, I am an optimist in life. Whatever the circumstances in which we find ourselves, I try to bring joy out of each day and charge those who are absent with it. Our homeland has the kind of wi-fi that transmits energy to children. And I feel like it’s bad for me to go out.

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Like I remember, I love life, I’m not afraid of death and I don’t hesitate at all. At the same time, my dreams are full of smiles, and even if I have hope, that is why I need to continue living, and I believe that we can overcome good things.

I'm convinced that there are so many benefits of animation, since this history is connected and gives rise to family traditions of going back and forth between watching good movies. So it’s time to go to the cinemas!”

Leading the ranking project “Snidanok. Weekend" Valentina Khamaiko lent her voice to the energetic and generous Ellia, the mother, who calls on the main characters to fly with their family to Jamaica. The TV presenter praised the fact that many people in their homeland were aware of the new benefits of animation, because playing with children is always a different kind of emotion, for which we are preparing.

“This is no longer the first proof of my dubbing, the protein is always wimpy. In addition to the need to capture the character of your hero, it is important not to forget about technique and diction. Also, the first hulls are always squeezed by the hustle. So if the process is slow, you catch every detail, become bored with your character and risk missing out on the role to your liking.

Practicing, she guessed and the powerful native testimony of the mandrivoks. If the heroes go up with small children, get along with a lot of troubles, and if they are concerned with humor, then the trip turns into a real fan. That’s how it is in our family – we both adore our native goods and are always ready for anything that may become more expensive.

My Ellie, like me, tries to bring light to the children and encourage them in every possible way, and at the cost of our greatest share of rice.”

Nikita Dobrin learned from the charismatic and bright yoga guru Gugu: “Dubbing the role has been my long-time dream, so if I reject the proposition and join the dubbing cast, I’ll be incredibly happy! For the most part, the story is about the burying of the treasure of the homeland, where the singing of the car, and at the same time the perception of what is bright and new.

“The Flight” is not about going beyond the boundaries of life, if you are afraid of the world, because you are not yet ready for everything, but you find that destructive force that prompts you to go beyond comfort and handiness in the face of convenience. I love the road so much, but because of the understanding of a good man who praises his homeland, he immediately tries to encourage his squad and children from a distant mandrivka. Please remember to have the courage to go beyond limits».

About his hero, the TV presenter exudes an unshakable grip:“It’s an incredibly charismatic character, so I tried to convey his character as much as possible on the screen. It would not be easy to become another hero, but at the same time іWith the dubbing director, we were able to find the required emotion. And I don’t want to spoil anyone, but I’m sure I can see how synchronously we collapsed with my hand, a duplicate role. It’s also a hassle to go to the cinema, so that it almost feels like I’m over-the-top!»

Marvel at the cinemas for 21 breasts!

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