At Kharkov, the dumbness died, which mother gave cow's milk and water

At the Kharkiv medical clinic, the doctors could not treat the little one, who was suffering from symptoms of severe illness. Imovirna cause of death - cow's milk, diluted with water from a well

Non-government and non-balance of the Ukrainian fathers are hostile. Not long ago we wrote about those who at Lvov's lede vryatuvali baby, who mother gave a nipple smeared with greenery.. And in Cherkasy, not having seen a little lad, like mothers deprived one booth, docks sold themselves.. Fortunately, the children have lost their lives and neushkodzhenimi.

And yet, some doctors do not dare to bury them. Thus, a 3-month-old baby from the village of Petropillya, Lozivsky district, Kharkiv region, was sent to the clinic of Kharkiv in a few days. The new bull had symptoms of the worst disorder. Unfortunately, through a strong znevodnennya, the baby died. How to give help to children in case of trouble, read our material.

The ceremonial service at the right of the children of the Lozivskaya silra Svitlana Brezhneva rose, who was the mother of the children. Following the words of the woman, she gave the cow's children milk, diluted with water. It is not specified by water itself. Ale, vrakhovuchi those who are characterized as low-security living near the village, you can boldly admit that the water was from the well. On all childish sumishahs, it is written with a sign of a call that it is categorically fenced in to make unboiled water for the preparation of sumisheys. Possibly, the unboiled well water itself has become the main cause of the child's trouble. It is also unknown that the mother of the cows boiled milk.

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