Mykola Bagraev: "Chornomorsk Games" will be held in 2023 in the independent Ukrainian city of Skadovsk

The founder of the festival, Mykola Bagraev, announced about the start of preparations for the 19th children's festival "Chornomorsky Games"

Without a doubt, more right, like a robimo protyazh life - the stink of the sake of children, their happy childhood and promising future. Upevneniya, mustache, who today fight against Russian aggression, choose, for us, peacefully that day, the future of the children of Ukraine.

For 18 years, our team held a benevolent children's festival "Chornomorski Igri" near Skadovsk in the Kherson region. A fairy tale on the birch of the Black Sea - the festival was extinguished, as the children themselves saw. Over 50 thousand children from the Ukrainian cottages have already become participants in this fairy tale and more than a million guests. We really want it to happen, and even today it is announced about the beginning of preparations for the 19th "Chornomorsky Igors"! We believe that the stench will pass in 2023 in the free independent Ukraine near the fortified Ukrainian Skadovsk.

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Weigh that hour, which was left until the moment when the Kherson region was freed from the occupiers, we will help us with our activity with all our might to support our native region, where in Kakhovtsi the "Tavrian Games" were born, near Skadovsk - "Chornomorsky Games", near Kherson - "Melpomene Avri".

It is important that the 24th International Theater Festival "Melpomene of Tavria" will be played with the voice of the Kherson region from 10 am to 7 pm at 32 theaters in 20 places in the 8 krai of the world. The very share of the Kalush Orchestra at Eurobachny was also important. Nasampered, to indulge the feet of the supporter of Ukraine with the supporters of this grand European song contest and for the quiet few necessary words at the supporter of Mariupol.

Obviously, it will be a great plus to hold the Europarty 2023 in Ukraine. The more victories of Ukrainians on
European and light arenas, we are more of a team, who will help bring Ukraine's main victory closer. I am also recognized by the UKF (Ukrainian Cultural Fund) for the high expert assessment of the "Chornomorsky Igor" and the words podtrimki, in which it is said: vіdbudovi". We are getting ready for
We will be especially enthusiastic and guaranteed that with our help we will hold the greatest festival "Chornomorsk Games" near the warmest and most friendly Ukrainian town of Skadovsk in Kherson region!

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