“Trolls: Once Again”: KOLA, Olya Cybulska and LAUD lent their voices to the characters of the animated show

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On June 19, the continuation of the musical animated blockbuster “Trolls: Together Again” will appear on wide screens.

Continuation of the musical animated blockbuster on great screens! Meet your favorite characters with a new and colorful history of recent clicks and benefits.

Before the beloved characters, new heroes were also added, among them: Viva, Vinilla and Floyd. The fantastic Zirkov dubbing team gave them their voices!


The popular Ukrainian song KOLA has been transferred to the non-streamer Vinilla. The girl from the capture shared her emotions at the debut: “Another one of my dreams has arisen - to create animation, even though I have become more advanced actor dubbing in animation for “Trolls: Together Again!”, which will premiere on my National Day 19 zhovtnya. Spіvpadіnnya? Don't think. Finding speech - when English words are taken away and your voice, which your heroine sounds like, is lost. There is a mean, letteristic, rude, selfish girl in me, who is even lazy and respects what she does - it’s not for her, she achieves success with the same nonsense! In short, it’s difficult for me and that’s why it was really hard for me to fit into this image. “I am extremely grateful to the studio team for the request, because I have received incredible and unforgettable evidence, and I am well aware of everyone at the review!”

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The charismatic LAUD dubbed a member of the popular troll boy band Floyd: “For me, the dubbing is not the first proof, During my childhood, I repeatedly voiced various animated stories, including dubbing song Proteus, as the voice began to fumble with the childish career of dubbing, I had a chance to say goodbye. I axis first, the adult child was again asked to create an animated character. We are not at all similar to Floyd, just like me, calm, equal, and quite a lot of streams, which is indicative of my vibe.

So I would definitely like to get to the team and take over from a hero who is less impressive, and also win a few cool hits. It’s also a must to go to the cinema to enjoy the bright song atmosphere.”

Olya Tsybulska

Talanovita spivachka Olya Tsybulska tried on the image of the fiery Viva: “Girl Viva, as I voiced in “Trolls: Once Again” for me became a true bundle of fresh wind, a reminder from the turbo-free childishness. If you don’t bother with your life, you live with someone else. This game fills you with joy, calm and warmth. “Viva is as temperamental as I am, it’s crazy to love, drive, help and be in charge of those who are right to love.”

Watch “Trolls: Together Again” in cinemas on the 19th!

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