“The company didn’t have a living mission”: a child was vryatuly at Lvov, like a mother dripped brilliant green on the nipple

For the joy of the doctor, the mother dripped brilliant green on the empty shed, she gave її children - so that there would be no thrush. The life of the child was ratified by two medical teams

Before the Lviv regional children's clinic "Ohmatdyt" it was impossible to cry from the flooring of important mouth emptyings, which, in pain, could no longer cry. About tse povіdomlyaєtsya tsya medical installation. We need to know about those who are on the verge of vinicla pіdozra in doctors, who have a child’s illness diphtheria, to that they prepared before the close of the clinic for quarantine

"The picture struck the minds of doctors. A child has no living space in his mouth. One fatal wound with a lot! The child could not cry because of her hoarse voice. In "Ohmatdit" they called out infectious diseases through the diagnosis of diphtheria. Zusillami two teams far away vryatuvat baby "
- go to the helper.

To such a sumptuous state of rights was caused by those who, mothers of children, for the joy of the doctor, dripped green on the nipple - to vilіkuvati

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thrush. She herself caused a serious op_k in the company of speechlessness. I don’t threaten anything in my life. Mother and child were written home.

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