10 stars that from ugly ducklings grew steep celebrities

Looking at them, we wonder their appeal, charisma and beauty. And did you know that today the stars are not always the envy and admiration of others? Their appearance and charisma - is often not the gift of God, and the result is a titanic work on oneself.

Editorial Kolobok.ua offers itself to make sure that any ugly duckling with due perseverance has a chance to turn into a beautiful swan.

January Jones (Photo 1989 2014).


Despite the fact that as a child Dzhenyuari often confused with a boy, she never had any doubts about its beauty and femininity. She is afraid of plastic surgery and believes that there are many other ways to maintain their youth and attractiveness.

Riana (Photo 1998 2008).


"We always find flaws in their" - says the singer. And recognize that it was not easy to believe in themselves, it could do so only because of its popularity: "I used to have slumped, put her hands on her knees, would sit in silence, and all shy ".

Dwayne ROCK (Photo 1990 2016).


The actor believes that the key to success - hard work on himself: "ideal does not exist, but overstrain your ass to reach it, you have to... This leads to success "- that's what he said simply.

NICKI MINAJ (Photo 2002 2016).


As a child, Nicky was shy and a notorious girl, but after coming in show business is no longer lacking in confidence and self-love.

KATE WINSLET (Photo 1985 2016).


At school, Kate is constantly teased because of the extra kilos, but now the actress does not consider his lack of curvy shapes. "I am a normal woman with normal figure. I'm not going to lose weight - I have more important problems ", - she says.

KATY PERRY (Photo 1999 2012).


Kathy is not always pleasing to her feminine form. As a teenager, she dreamed about the figure of a model, and even wore slimming underwear. However, over time the star learned to love myself and said proudly: "I do not have a body like Kate Moss, but I am proud and happy with the"

Shakira (Photo 1990 2012).


Today, looking at this sexy and self-confident lady, it's hard to believe that at one time she was a notorious girl, experiencing problems with communication.

CHRIS PRATT (Photo 2003 2017. )


At the dawn of his career, he believed that one talent enough to succeed. But I realized over time - the exterior also has considerable importance and began to work on themselves.

DEMMY MOOR (Photo 1970 2010).


As a child, she even suffered from strabismus and to cope with the problem, she had to undergo two operations on the eye.

David Beckham (Photo 1995 2013).


In the early years the most important in the life of this guy was a sport. Soccer player began to pay attention to their image only when he became known throughout the world. "In football, it is very important to have a good haircut, because a lot of people, a lot of girls with cameras come to look at you. From your appearance depends on the popularity of the game, "- said athlete.

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