Chi wear masks against coronavirus

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has proven that the mask regime is adding to the spread of the virus.

It turned out that the regime of obligatory wearing of masks helps to reduce the pace of the spread of the coronavirus. If a person wears a mask, they protect not only those who are sick (like a disease on an asymptomatic form)COVID-19 ), and to himself.
The greed increases with the increase in the number of people who wear masks in the vast places.

Doctors say that through a mask in the body they consume less often the virus when they are infected, which increases the chances of people to wear clothes. The less virus particles ate through the middle, the easier it is for the immune system to get into them and prevent it from getting worse.

Significantly, the coronavirus may have a wide range of symptoms, some people lose their sense of smell, and others suffer from a high temperature. One of the most common symptoms is a dry cough.


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