M'yaso, kava and malt

At the end of the day, our body is working in stress mode and it is necessary to help it. You can work it out by changing your diet. Vіd yakіh produktіv varto vіdmovitsya speku, rozpoіv ієєtologist

The most important rule is to chain enough to drink. Compotes, juices, fruit drinks, natural water - the average person needs to drink 5% of the weight of your body. And the axis of the cores a lot of light in the sinter can be ripped apart by your cardiologist. That is why for them the supra-world number of homeland threatens great adventures for the heart-vascular system.

Another smut rule is to use the products that are important for pickling, and that is quiet, which thickens the blood. Otzhe, the "black list" - why not varto їsti from the spec. About churches nutritionist Boris Skachko.

  1. Pork, yalovichina, lamb - be it meat, cream bird, turn off your menu at once. That’s why it won’t, after a long time of poisoning, the body vibrates energy. Father, we are “heating up” in the middle.
  2. Bread and other cereal products. Gluten, which is hidden in them, adheres to the gluing of erythrocytes, which means to make our blood thicker. The cake is so thick.
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  3. Malt. Mayut the same "thickening" effect. In addition, desserts with cream, meringue are fried in the cake. They are easy to come off.
  4. Kava and other coffee-containing products. The coffee makes our body feel tired, the heart beats more often, the blood is quicker. Ale, for an hour of baking, such a coward threatens with heart and vascular problems. A weary heart needs calm, not dope.
  5. Alcohol. Also a stimulant. In addition, for the sake of their calorie content, the body vibrates more energy, making us warmer.

It is necessary for a specu to drink a lot of money 5 hundred square meters per mass of your body / istockphoto.com

What is the hour of specs

Easy roslinna їzhu. Nature helps us with the abundance of berries, vegetables, fruits. But don't forget about the protein of the creature's adventure. Vin is needed by our customers for "repair" and "lifetime". Yogo can be eaten with eggs, sour milk and dairy products. Only not too fat. Sour cream, hard syrup with a high fat content is also suitable for thickening the blood.

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