Which sport is the best pidide for the future mother: TOP-4 main types

Vagіtnіst nіkoli did not go to the factory for sports.

However, now you will be surprised to see more gentle yoga views and see intense training in the hall. Fortunately, there are no alternatives.


Swimming is a vіdmіnne nіzіchne nіzіchne navantazhennya for be-yakої mаbаtnоїmаm. By the water itself, the woman’s body is not aware of the force of gravity, and therefore, the matusya is not aware of the zavoi of the vaga, that child would not be there. Before speech, to induce passive swimming helps the body to improve its tone, but to relax. For passive swimming, just actively move with your hands and feet. So you know the tension across and across, and the muzzle of the back and breasts. Crimson, blood flow improves. If it’s just boring to swim, then it’s obligatory to sign up for water aerobics for the women.


It is even more important to do yoga yourself for women. Zvichayna does not transfer the rights, which can often threaten the fetus. To minimize risks, sign up for special groups for women. Smut, do not allow any kind of twisting or a hero.
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Pilates also requires a special approach. For example, a lot of intense vanity and right are not suitable for a future mother because of their folding. Well, I know, I’d rather see the lessons for the vagits.


Walking is the most accessible, simple and effective way to warm up. Take advantage of the opportunity to take small walks near the forest or in the park. Also, as an alternative, you can try walking along the big road on a low speed. Engage in regular walking varto right up to the slopes.

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