Special project "Vikna-News" surrogacy: «in vitro» method and modern reproductology

Throughout the week, the program "Vikna-News" special project at the STB goes correspondent Irina Storozhenko - "Mother of the child", dedicated to the surrogacy.

As the subject becomes a subject for discussion only when there is another scandal, the team "Vіkon" decided to talk about the other side of the reproductive technology industry. Who is the first to have successfully used a helper method «in vitro», as well as modern Reproduction - the material on the subject.

In 1991 Fedor Vlasovich Dahno - star national Reproduction - the first to have successfully used a helper method «in vitro» (in Latin for "in glass"), which connects the male and female cells and transferred into the uterus of the mother, causing the light appears child. The first way life got the girl. It was a sensation for Ukrainian Reproduction and shock for the entire post-Soviet society.

"I still belong to the generation that is caught and genetics as the" whore of imperialism "and computerization as the vicious bourgeois method. Much has changed today, but I feel the fullness of happiness from the fact that there was indeed a revolution in reproductive medicine. We can now provide assistance where nature is absolutely powerless, "- said in an interview with Fedor Dahno (with the Institute of Reproduction archives).

Conceived in this way, even today, is incorrect and insulting children called "test-tube". For three decades, the first successful fertilization - a method «in vitro» is a common way of dealing with infertility and has helped many Ukrainians to become parents. In May 2019 the patriarch of Ukrainian Reproduction of Fedor Dahno gone. He did not live only a few months before the object of his professional pride, his greatest achievement, first conceived "in glass", Ukrainian girl he affectionately called her granddaughter, she recently became mother.

Now it continues its outstanding grandfather did not name, but a real grandson - Anton Kutsenko. He directs the institution gives infertile couples the opportunity to know the joy of a parent. It helps not only to couples who can not conceive on their own, but also - bear.

"My grandfather Fedor Vlasovich often talked about how he became a doctor, it helps patients to Kate, who was born first. About how he introduced this technology in Ukraine. It inspired me, and I became a doctor, "- says the director of the Institute of Reproductive Medicine Anton Kutsenko.

Already fifty institutions in Ukraine, which is used «in vitro». However, a biased attitude to this method, especially in the context of his controversial incarnation - surrogacy - still remains.

Anton Kutsenko said: "I feel that there is a lack of knowledge of the fact that there are methods of treatment of the data. This lack of information is displayed both on patients and on doctors - they just do not know what it is and how it happens in the media. If the topic and highlights, then, as a rule, in any negative way. "

Every fifth couple in Ukraine suffers from infertility. Every year the number of pairs increases. Modern medicine has gone so far that in 95 percent of cases, a reproductive claim they can help. A rare and most controversial method of treatment of infertility - just surrogacy. But the only legal prerequisite in Ukraine to use the services of a surrogate mother - are medical indications.

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