5 clever ways employers to examine your social networks

Let us consider in detail how employers analyze your page and what information can be extracted from it.


The design of the text and the use of certain time can tell a lot about you. Different words parasitic signal a fragile psyche, and net literate speech speaks not only about your education.

Make a good impression:

  • your stories about the family;
  • texts about self-development;
  • reviews of books read or watched movies;
  • the history of life.


After a photo is possible to determine the social status and human values, which is important in the preparation of a general impression about the employee.


  • it is not necessary to expose candid photos;
  • photos must create a real impression on you.


Personal contact and comments

Comments are characterized by openness and sociability of man, his passions. Employers is very important is your reaction to the negative in your address. This will allow them to determine your level of stress.

So try not to communicate with anger or hatred with your subscribers, observe the rules of communication that are accepted in real life.

Stories and videos

If you are looking for a prestigious job, try not to spread in open access materials that can be characterized with you the negative side.

Always well-triggered video about your interests and hobbies.


Subscriptions help employers understand what your interests are. Very good, when your subscription say about you as a versatile personality with varied interests.

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