Autumn novelties were brought to H&M: an overview of the new collection. A pile of clothes, but not enough beautiful

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Everything! Autumn has already entered into legal rights and it's time to start looking for something for the fall. Traditionally, I walked through the mass market in search of interesting new products and I want to tell you about what I saw and tried on :)

Even if you are fully equipped for the cold season and do not plan to buy anything, I think it is still interesting to see “what was new there”.

I suggest that you first look at the new items in my short video clip (if you haven't seen it yet)), and then I'll tell you about everything in detail:

The dress

Articles in the gallery, scroll through
Articles in the gallery, scroll through

In general, my goal in going to H&M was to find beautiful dresses. I wanted to make an overview of current and interesting models. But to my surprise, I found only ONE dress in the new collection) And it hung so "tasteless" that I didn't really want to try it on.

The leopard is always gaining momentum by the fall. And this season it will be even more, many designers have presented this predatory print in their collections. I liked the elongated shirt with a drawing of Leo, it was pleasant to the body and comfortable. It will look perfect on tall girls (by the way, I call all girls, both girls of 18 years old and beauties of elegant age) Oversized shirt, I am wearing XS, sit freely.

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Girls, you probably already know that fashion is heading for femininity. Therefore, we see more tight and semi-fitted silhouettes. The noodle dress is about femininity and seduction. It is the usual basic, pleasant to the body too.

I liked the pink cardigan too, the color is beautiful and cute tortoiseshell buttons. Chelsea in khaki is trendy and dynamic.

Jeans and color

If we talk about jeans, then the trend is loose, comfortable styles. There is no active rags, but there are many elegant slots :)


Brightness with the departure of summer will not go away, the color will migrate with us from the warm season to the cold gloomy one. Among the favorites is juicy orange. It seems to me that it fits perfectly into the autumn colors. The skinny tangerine cardigan is great, I like to wear these tops with loose pants and jeans. Unfortunately, I did not upload the article, it was not on the label. The bag is also from H&M, you can find it on the website.

The combination of dark chocolate and blue is my love. These shades look very tasty together. Vests, by the way, also rule this season.

While there are such new items, there are very few interesting things, I hope that pretty dresses will finally be delivered soon. And then there is a course for femininity, but there are no dresses, it's a mess :)

Girls, are you looking for something for the fall or is everything already there? Or maybe you managed to buy something interesting for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

Best regards, Oksana
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