The most fashionable boots that I could not find were found on Ali: my review

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These boots are a real find on Aliexpress, I rarely risk ordering shoes there, but now I will reconsider my opinion. Because I manage to find basic shoes, but something more fashionable is much more difficult. Basically, I stake on the base, but sometimes I want something more interesting.

Prices in mass-market stores for something interesting are often considerable, and if more or less affordable, then the quality and materials fail. Last fall I was looking for such boots, but in vain. And this year I decided to try to order on Ali. And I did not lose!

Is it possible to find quality shoes on Aliexpress

Many people have a strong stereotype in their heads - that Chinese sites sell low-quality things. China sounds like a verdict. However, this is not the case, I always say that China is not the same as China. There is a cheap basement and a good factory basement.

It should be understood that if you see boots for 1 thousand rubles, then the quality will correspond to the price. There is no freebie on Aliexpress, but there are good things, the prices for which are decently lower than in any Zara and so on. Therefore, it is worth understanding that if we want good shoes, they will cost more than in the Planet of Shoes. However, the quality will be completely different.

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Summing up, I can say that there are high-quality shoes on Aliexpress, there are a lot of finds in general.

Jockey boots

This model of boots periodically flies to the very top. Last year they were a hot trend, this year too. It's great that fashion is slowing down, and all these lists of anti-trends that used to change every season (or even more often) are already complete nonsense.

Jockey boots have a free boot, a laconic design with a minimum of details. The most successful colors are black and brown. By themselves, they are very comfortable - they do not have a narrow cape, so the leg is comfortable and free. The heel is minimal, it is essentially an anatomically correct flat move. The shin is not pinched in them. The comfort of the shoe is extremely important to me, I don’t know how it is for you.

You can wear jockey boots in a variety of ways, perhaps I will take off a small dress-up roller for you. If you are a skinny lover, these boots are just perfect for you. They can also be worn with straight, not very wide jeans and trousers. This is very practical, as the legs tucked into the boots will protect them from our autumn mud. Romantic airy dresses also look cool with these shoes, playing in contrast. Mini, which is so relevant this fall, is ideally combined with jockey boots.

My boots with Aliexpress

The seller has several colors: black, white, brown. I chose the brown ones, because I just fell in love with the color.

The material is leather, but in the reviews I met conflicting opinions. In my opinion, it is genuine leather here.

The quality of the boots is decent, all the seams are neat, there are no complaints about the sole. In the mass market, you do not always find such a performance. The foot is comfortable in them, they are not too stiff. I really like their length, for my leg shape it is just perfect.

The boots came in vacuum packing, folded, but easily straightened out. There was a small room, the edge was bent when packing, this is the fault of the packer.

I have 36 foot size (foot length 23 cm), I took the 5th size (the seller has a dimensional grid). I was a little worried, suddenly they would be too small with a warmer sock, suddenly it was necessary to take one size larger. But my worries were in vain, they are a little bigger, and I can wear them not only with nylon tights, but also with warmer socks. I am a frostbite.

Boots link - here.

Thanks for your attention and likes! If you have any questions, be sure to ask. I'm waiting for more shoes and clothes with Ali, you can subscribe if you're interested so as not to miss new reviews. Your Katya.

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