Dzhuneyt kidnapped Asli and Ozgur. Black and white love

Cuneyt has long dreamed of taking Ferhat's place near Namyk. And this time, Namyk gave him such an opportunity. He promised that he would make Juneita his right hand, but he must get rid of Asla.

Namyk did not know that there was a wiretapping in his office, which was in flowers, donated by Azat.

Dzhuneyt decided to get rid of not only Asla, but Ferhat as well.

However, Azat learned about Namyk's order and asked his daughter Ayhan to prevent this.

Juneita's plan had failed and now he realized that his uncle would not leave him alive. Cuneyt did not answer Namyk's calls and did not appear at the mansion. He was making a new plan to soften Namyk's heart. And he came up with it.

Cuneyt watched Asly and when the woman was left alone with Ozgur on the playground, he gave his people a "job" - to kidnap Asly and Ozgur.

While Suna was away, Asli sat on the bench with her back to Ozgur. A boy with children calmly rode a slide. The kidnappers took advantage of this.

One of the men approached the boy and said that his dad was very bored. But he has a lot to do at work and he himself cannot come. Dad asked to bring his son to his work. The naive child believed the stranger and, putting his palm in the kidnapper's hand, left with him.

Asli turned around to watch Ozgur play, but saw that he was leaving with a strange man.
Asli rushed to them. But the forces were unequal. The man put Ozgur in the car, and then pushed Asli.

Asly and Ozgur were brought to an abandoned factory and waited for further instructions from Djuneyt.

At this time, a satisfied Cuneyt calls Namyk and says that the news is “amazing”.

Juneit's plan is as follows: The kidnappers will demand 5,000,000 from Yigit for the boy's life. Of course, the prosecutor does not have that kind of money and he will come with a bowed head to ask for money from his uncle. Namyk, as a real hero, will save the child and Yigit will be very grateful to him. And they will get rid of Asla a little later.

Namyk liked Cuneyt's plan. After all, he will not lose anything. Dzhuneyt will have to return this money back to him, but the prosecutor will be grateful to him all his life for saving his son.

Everything went according to plan. But the kidnappers heard about the money in question and made their own plan.

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