Test: how a solar eclipse affects you

We all react differently to space storms. Test how a solar eclipse affects you with a simple test. If it turns out to be strong, read how to minimize negativity.

Today, June 10, we leave the eclipse corridor, which began on May 26 with a lunar eclipse. The difficult time, when it seemed that the Universe was putting a spoke in your wheels, is coming to an end. And after the solar eclipse, which will occur at 13:43, a new period begins - when you need to plan, set goals. On this day, after lunch, take an inventory of your desires: what makes your eyes light up, and what desires are no longer relevant. And set goals for the near future.

The day of a solar eclipse can be emotionally challenging. It is important to be conscious, to refrain from any conflicts, to avoid provocations. This will be easy for some, but very difficult for others. After all, we all react differently to space storms. This simple test will help you check how vulnerable you are to eclipses.

  1. Do you suffer from insomnia several days before and several days after the eclipse?
  2. Do you feel good and calm now?
  3. Everything planned goes on as usual, without complications?
  4. Are you at the right time and place?

If you have 4 yes, it means that you do not feel the negative influence of a solar eclipse. You have already “pumped” yourself so much with the positive, lead such a conscious life that the negative from the outside is nothing to you.

If you have 3 "yes", then you are a tough nut to crack: perfectly resist cosmic storms and onslaught. Keep it up.

If you have only 2 "yes", then the eclipses have an effect on you. Try to limit contact with people on June 10, especially toxic ones. Filter the information that comes to you. Cut off anything that can throw you off balance. Walk in nature whenever possible. Be sure to get enough sleep. And don't make any drastic decisions.

On the day of a solar eclipse, meditation and nature will help / istockphoto.com

If you answered no to all of the questions, then you are very much affected by the solar eclipse. Perhaps this sensitivity is due to your lifestyle. Maybe you work seven days a week, stay up late, don't get enough sleep, drink lots of stimulants like coffee and green tea. All this "devours" the reserves of your body, so it becomes sensitive to eclipses and magnetic storms. On June 10, try to protect yourself from any stress as much as possible, go underground. And these will suit you advice from a neurologist. It will get much easier in a couple of days.

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