How to correspond with a man to spark interest in him

Relationships can start in different ways, but most often nowadays they are preceded by correspondence on social networks or via SMS. And it is even at this stage that many women make mistakes, pushing away the object of sighing.

How exciting it is to write the first message to someone who really attracted you. I really want to write something interesting, to draw his attention to my person, and, at the same time, I want not to overdo it, not to be cloying, annoying and stupid.

That is why I suggest you listen to the following tips, which will tell you how to correspond with a man in order to spark interest in him, but not to seem annoying to him!

How to correspond with a man to spark interest in him

Do not hurry

You, for sure, so want to tell a man everything about yourself. But don't forget to say hello to him first! You need to get to know him better, and not spread everything about yourself at once. Ask him what interests you, then you can understand whether it is worth telling him everything about your life. So don't rush!

Use emojis and memes

Don't be afraid of them. Stay yourself! If you often put emoticons in correspondence with your girlfriends, then why not use a similar manner of correspondence with a man? With the help of emoji, you can add zest, colors, emotions to your conversation. Memes can be inserted instead of replies. Don't forget about your sense of humor, this is very important!

Don't be afraid to write to him first and say what you think.

It is necessary from the very beginning to show yourself real, natural, you should not pretend to be someone who you are not. It is unlikely that a man will be interested in a woman who constantly lies, pretends, does not say something. In addition, do not forget that naturalness is now in vogue, absolutely in everything!

Add pepper

You need to somehow attract his attention and show that you are different from others, that you are some kind of special. Therefore, you can come up with some kind of trick, which should be in each of your correspondence. For example, let it be some kind of unusual greeting or, on the contrary, goodbye. Or you can use some interesting joke that can be stretched over several of your correspondences.

Email him every morning and every night before bed.

You don't have to write for a long time. It will be enough to wish the man good morning, good day, calm dreams. It seems like a trifle, but it is something that you quickly get used to, and then it is very much lacking. But again, don't be in a hurry. This should not start immediately, but gradually, and become a tradition.

Do not reply to a message right away, but do not delay your reply either.

Even if you have a lot of free time, you don't need to answer his SMS instantly. Pause, let the man start thinking about where you are, with whom, what you are doing and when you will answer him. Especially if he himself usually does not answer you very quickly. The ideal response period is 20 minutes, but no later than 2 hours!

Don't dwell on it

At the very beginning of the correspondence, do not focus all your attention solely on one man. If you have other options, then practice with them! Until you have made your choice, you have no obligations, so you have the right to do whatever you want. And so you will not get hung up on one or the other.

Write correctly

Of course, your messages don't have to be perfect, but the basic rules of the Russian language are still worth learning. Don't make embarrassing mistakes. You need to make a good impression on the man!

It is not difficult to become interesting for a man, but you still have to try!

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