9 tips if your partner is not attracted to you

If there is such a situation in your life that for some reason your partner suddenly ceases to attract you, read this article! Maybe you have been together for a long time, and you felt that you do not like the man physically, you have no attraction for him. You have doubts whether you want to continue to be with him or, on the contrary, are you sure that this is your person, something just went wrong. What, then, to do?

Maybe you are no longer young, no longer so energetic, you are not sure of yourself, you are not satisfied with yourself, maybe you spend a little time together. The most important thing is to understand that this happens to everyone. Don't be scared, you need to think it over and figure out how to get out of such a situation.

9 tips if your partner is not attracted to you

Think when it all started

Maybe this is all connected with some event, for example, there was a quarrel between you, he told you something unpleasant, you seemed to make up later, but in fact, you never forgave him. In this case, you need to sit down and talk, discuss everything. It is also worth considering whether you are making an effort for your relationship, why is it stagnant?

Check your feelings for yourself

Yes, you may be bad about yourself, your body, and this negative state is projected onto everything else in life. You don't feel attractive, sexy, you start to physically distance yourself from your partner, and you convince yourself that he doesn't like him anymore. It is very important to accept yourself for who you are, to accept that your body has changed over the years, and there is nothing terrible about it, because it happens to everyone. Self-love is the key to happiness.

Change your expectations

You both have changed, and he is no longer the same, and you are no longer the same! And even the feelings are not the same! But you have been together for a long time, you understand each other better, you have memories, you have experience. And it's silly to expect your partner to be the same as in the early years of your relationship.

Start trying hard for him

If you have been together for a long time, then perhaps you have stopped trying to look attractive to your partner? It is more comfortable for you to walk around the house in your old pajamas, with a bun on your head and without makeup. Of course, you are comfortable being around in any form, but still try to smarten up, dress up for him to impress.

Try something new together

So you will have something in common, you will be able to help each other, communicate more often, spend more time together.

Stop criticizing the man

Talk to your partner about your problems, just don't criticize him. You just can only ruin everything, hurt for something, and worsen your relationship. Offer him something that can reignite the spark between you. Explain to the man that you just want to do something to improve your union and are ready to work on it.

Begin to be more attentive to your partner

As much physical contact as possible - touching, hugging, kissing. Eye contact is also important, just gaze into your man's eyes. This will help you bond emotionally.

Be positive about your partner

Look for positive traits in him, think about what good he does for you, your family, your relationships. Perhaps you began to take all this for granted. And you need to understand that he is not obliged to do much. It's time to look at him in a different light!

Tell each other what you don't like

It is not necessary to keep silent that he is chomping, throwing his socks, not closing the tube of toothpaste, spending a lot of time in front of the TV. Sit down and talk. Tell us how you feel, what you don't like about him, and let him say what he doesn't like about you, your actions, your words, your relationships. Only without insults and humiliation, then the conversation will turn out to be very positive.

Do not rush to part with a person with whom you have lived for many years, just because something seemed to you there. You need to work on relationships constantly, then they will be strong and healthy.

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