Trendy boots and low shoes for spring 2021 and tips on what to wear them with

Spring this year does not want to come in any way, but a good half of March is already behind, which means that it will definitely be warmer soon. So you want to take off your winter boots as soon as possible! Let's take a look at the current shoe models for the spring with you today, but not the hottest trends that can flare up and quickly fade away, but we will make a bias to the base. Let's see shoes that will not lose their relevance in the coming years.

I don't buy a new pair of shoes every season, except in the summer. Demi-season shoes have served me for several years, I like this approach to consumption. Of course, I can sometimes take something very fashionable, but more often than not I like the base.

I will show you all the models using the example of the Respect store, I like the price / quality ratio in it. You can take notes and buy wherever you want.

Rough boots

Trendy boots and low shoes for spring 2021 and tips on what to wear them with
Boots on the left
Boots on the right

A model that is a permanent base for many, including me. The degree of their rudeness can be chosen based on personal preference. I like the middle ground. Boots can be of different lengths, the sole can be high or medium, the laces are contrasting or to match the shoe. Actual colors: black, beige, white.

Easily fit into the wardrobe: they can be worn with jeans, trousers, knitted suits, dresses, skirts. You can play on eclecticism by wearing such boots with a delicate and airy feminine dress. Or dilute them with a jacket or jacket to bring down the degree of formality.


Chelsea on the left
Chelsea on the right

The super hot trend is the chelsea on the big rough sole. A more basic option may have a less coarse sole, or generally neat and short. You can choose a chelsea heel, let it be a full-fledged stable heel. Here we are also not limited to black and brown, pay attention to white and beige models.

What to wear chelsea with? They look best with trousers and jeans, but some models can be easily worn with dresses. There is no age limit, you can wear Chelsea at both 18 and 65, the main thing is to choose a comfortable pair.

Ankle boots with grooved sole

Let's move on to warmer weather. An excellent option for the spring would be low shoes with a thicker sole, which is now very popular. Here you can play with color, shoes can even become a color accent in the image, here, please, look at the yellow ones. It's not the most obvious choice for many, but what cool looks you can create with them.

Yellow low shoes

I myself am a fan of black, but lately I have been trying to add different colors to my wardrobe. It is easiest to do this in shoes, you don't have to think if the color goes or not. I saw these yellow shoes in a shoe capsule "Shopping therapy" store and realized that the soul really asks for brightness and therapy after such lingering cold and dullness.

You can wear such boots with jeans, trousers, dresses. Yellow looks good with blue, blue, black. I would wear these in my favorite black total look, or with sky blue jeans and a light top. If yellow is bold for you, there are alternatives in black and beige.

Beige low shoes
Black low shoes

Derby, Brogues, Oxfords & Loafers

Derby, brogues and oxfords are completely unfamiliar words for many. They are united by the similarity to classic men's shoes, and each pair has its own distinctive features. I will not download you with details today, but if you are interested - write in the comments, I can release a detailed article especially for you. Or explain briefly in response to a comment.

Gray low shoes
Green low shoes

Women borrowed a lot from men, well, we love this business! And these shoes are no exception. She looks cool with pantsuits and trousers that are fashionable now, but you can come up with images with jeans and even dresses / skirts.

White loafers Green loafers
Black loafers Beige loafers

Loafers are unique timeless shoes. They were popular in the days of Audrey Hepburn, and are popular now. In recent years, loafers have been on trend. They make any image more structured and solid. Look cool with jeans, trousers, bermudas, in 2021, loafers are worn with socks or socks in images with skirts and dresses.

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