5 feelings a man has before falling in love with a woman

Before falling in love with a woman, a man experiences these 5 feelings. He needs time to realize that his love is real.

A man feels safe with a woman, both emotionally and psychologically.

Of course, all men will hide it, they are strong, brave, what sense of security can we talk about? They just need the feeling that next to their partner they can open up, relax. Then there is every chance that love will come! If a man feels that he can tell you absolutely everything, be honest, vulnerable with you, admit all his fears, while he is not afraid that you will start laughing at him, he will fall in love! Next to you, he should feel a sense of home, comfort, and it is important to show him that you can be trusted.

A man needs to feel like your hero.

5 feelings a man has before falling in love with a woman

It is important for every man to be a hero. It seems to me that this is in their DNA. But the most important thing is to become a hero for your partner. Your chosen one wants to help you, solve your problems, protect you, as if he were your knight! He wants to provide you with a better life in all respects, so that you would be really proud of him. And it is important for him to understand that you need it. Therefore, a lot is in your hands.

It is important for a man to feel that you appreciate him, that you accept him with all the shortcomings.

He will never admit to you that he wants it. He will not tell you to take and accept him as he is. But he really wants to be with you real, alive, and understand that you are not going to change him. But, probably, women want this too. We are so afraid that they will try to change us. In a normal relationship, this is wrong. In a normal relationship, a person himself wants to change, become better! So, if a man began to let you into his world and share secrets, do not try to push him away, otherwise he will think that his emotions mean absolutely nothing to you!

If a man showed you his vulnerability, you do not need to run away from him, he should have taken such a step very dearly! He thought for a long time before letting you into his soul, yes, for men it is very difficult to do this. This means that if he does this, he is already on his way to falling in love with you.

A man wants to feel that you are vulnerable next to him.

He wants you not to be afraid of your vulnerability, to open up to him, to be honest with him. He wants to know that he is aware of your secrets, secrets - everything that you hide from others. He likes that you are completely different with him, you can show your emotions and feelings. And, by the way, it is very important if you can share the most intimate with a person and know that he will never betray you. You may be scared to take such a step, but believe me, if you meet a good man, you will understand that it is worth it!

The man wants to feel that you are not pretending.

If you can show a man that you are real with him, alive, that you are not playing or pretending, he will definitely fall in love with you. You don't try to be cute, you don't wake up before him to put on makeup and appear in front of him in a bright image, you can be yourself, and he really likes it. Do not be afraid to show yourself to a man with your flaws, if he is next to you, then you are ideal for him.

They say that women are complex, in fact, every person, including men, is not easy. And your partner, before truly falling in love with you, should definitely experience these 5 feelings!

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