Women to look up to

Women to look up to

1. She's not afraid to be weak

And also cry, ask for help and express your real emotions. It doesn't humiliate her. She understands that everyone has the right to experience some negative moments.

She also realizes that everyone has different emotional sensitivities. And if you keep emotions in yourself, sooner or later they will spill over into either a grand scandal from scratch, or into a nervous breakdown, or into some kind of illness.

She is also not afraid to be strong and show her teeth. She perfectly understands that a woman should be able to defend herself and be able to respond to the offender.

If she doesn't respect herself, then no one will respect her.

2. She is not afraid to seem stupid

She can be funny, awkward and not afraid to ask questions. She understands that curious people tend to do better than those who try to get to the truth on their own. Perhaps "self-taught" and smart, but the ability to use the knowledge of other people will shorten your path to what you want.

Also, she is not at all ashamed to get into an awkward situation and become a reason for ridicule. She understands that life is not always "carrot" and anything can happen.

She knows how to laugh at herself and her shortcomings. She has no complexes about them.

But, she will never allow herself to be mocked.

3. They walk away from bad

They are not afraid of loneliness, speak the truth and put an end to disrespect for themselves.

They calmly and with dignity walk away from those who offend them. They stop communicating with toxic and unpleasant people. They are confident that “their” people will take the place of the departed. And they do not need others, strangers. It is fair both to yourself and to others.

They can be polite and helpful to those people who are not pleasant to them, but only if necessary and the situation is hopeless. Sooner or later, they will find a way to get rid of the need to communicate with people who cause negative emotions in them.

Why be hypocritical and communicate with those who are not pleasant to you or not close in spirit?

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