Turna (Melek) ended up in an orphanage. My mum

Shula managed to get Melek back, but she only needs her daughter for appearances. Shule believed that all the misfortunes in her life came from Melek.

While Shule slept off after a stormy night with businessman Nejmi, Melek escaped to prison on a date with Zeynep. She managed to meet with Zeynep, but they did not manage to talk enough. Turnu was taken away from Zeynep to Commissioner Sinan's office.

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Sinan, learning that the girl had come to the prison alone, began to cautiously ask why she left Shule. And the melek said that Shule threw it in the trash. At this time, Sinan was brought a letter from Turna, which Zeynep dropped.

After reading the letter, Sinan realized that Zeynep did not wish the girl any harm, but only wanted to protect her.

Sinan met with Shula and gave her a letter addressed to Zeynep to read. Shule began to shout that this woman had forced her daughter to write such a letter. But Sinan was sure that only a loving child's heart could write such lines.

Sinan realized that it was dangerous to leave Melek with Shule and the girl was sent to an orphanage.

Melek felt happier in the orphanage than with her own mother. She was treated well, fed deliciously and she had a best friend. Everything was fine, except that Turna greatly missed Zeynep.

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