Shule's happy days are over. Cengiz was left without money. My mum

Good afternoon, dear subscribers and guests of my channel! Today's article will describe the plot of the 16th episode of the seriesMy mum

Jahida's money made Cengiz a kind and caring husband.

He rented a luxury apartment for his family and planned to partner with a local club.

Shule's happy days are over. Cengiz was left without money. My mum

Now, just to become a partner, you need to deposit a large amount of money. For Cengiz, it seemed not a problem, he intended to take money from Jahida.

However, upon arriving at her house, Jahida refused to pay. Zeynep found out about their agreement, which means the deal is canceled.

Cengiz, having come home, took out all the evil on Shula. Cengiz severely beat Shule, calling her and Melek parasites.

Shule's happy life is over. Cengiz did not know where to get the money and took out all his aggression on Shula. Now everything irritated him, and above all Melek. Cengiz banned Melek from going to school, saying that now she must work off the food she eats.

Shule tried to intercede for her daughter, but later Zeynep came and offered to sell Turnu to her for 100,000 lire. Hearing about this, Cengiz set his price at 300,000 lire.

Zeynep agreed. But Cengiz and Shule could not imagine that Zeynep was recording their conversation on a dictaphone.

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