Boxes of gifts on Valentine's Day: a master class

Cold and frosty February is not rich for the holidays, so Valentine's Day waiting for not only couples. Prepare loved ones and friends to holiday gifts-hearts with warm wishes.

If you present pleasant trifles, you should not give them the usual package. It is worth some work to do with his hands a nice package. we picked upseveral options boxes of colored cardboard, which one only in appearance to tell about our feelings.


Creativity will need thick colored paper. Excellent, if you find a designer, textured or embossed cardboard. Still need a ruler, pencil, PVA glue or hot melt glue, beautiful ribbons, flowers and beads for decoration. Usually the box comprises a top and bottom of a heart of the same shape and size.

The top and bottom are connected to the vertically extending strip of the required height. This amount takes into account the size of attachments. Strip length equal to the perimeter of the heart plus 0.7 - 1 cm for bonding. Connecting strip along the contour has the same projecting parts for gluing.


Box easily turn into the basket if further acceded to the handle of the paper strip or thick tape. Feel free to combine monochrome paper and floral prints, stripes and golden edge.


Pink box with a heart in the form of a butterfly's wings folded as if by itself from patterns with geometric shapes. Print the drawing to the printer, collect amazing figure. Do not forget to put a gift inside.


Another packaging for a souvenir, at the height of which is greater than the base. Print and fold the pattern - get a box with the sides-hearts. Use a ruler and a thin needle to further walk along fold lines, gentle pressure on the needle. After which the items will be easier to gently bend.


Unusual packaging in the form of long, narrow pyramid, like a carrot, already decorated with carved hearts. They can be single color or pasted over with paper prints, supplemented Glitter and small decor.


Here are a few simple options. When the assembly is not necessary to use paper and glue. First make a copy of the test paper, then cut out of felt parts.


To connect between a portion of the package by using a thick needle and silk thread suture through the edge. If you know how to crochet, connect the parts together and tie columns, without sc or "rachim step" in the opposite direction.


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