A man will always be in second place for a strong woman!

Each person wants to be the most important and unique in the life of their partner. They say that in a normal relationship, partners necessarily become priorities for each other. I agree that all of this is correct. But when it comes to a strong woman, everything is a little different! Her man will always be in second place, always. And on the first, you guessed it, it will be!

A man will always be in second place for a strong woman!

A man who builds a relationship with a strong woman will become her best friend, he can love and respect her, but he will not be able to become the very first for her. It's not that she will have many men, no, you will be the best, the most important and the only one among men, but she herself will come first! But when it comes to loyalty, you shouldn't even worry about it. A strong woman is confident in herself and in her man, she is confident in her relationships and her feelings, and she will not look for a replacement for her partner.

No one will be more important to her than you, except for one person. And this is herself! No matter how much she loves you, she will love herself at least a little, but more. Life taught her this, and now she is a priority for herself.

She may care a lot about you, but she will never put your needs above hers. Yes, she will make compromises, but only when they do not conflict with her feelings and principles.

She will respect you, but she will always respect herself a little more. And she will never respect your desires, work and time more than hers.

She knows her own worth. And she's not going to stand there and watch her devalue. She will never put herself below you!

No, she will not neglect you, and she will not dominate the relationship, she will do everything to make you feel desired and loved.

She knows how to love like no one else. But she can also teach you to love yourself in a way that no one has ever loved you. She will teach you to value yourself in a way that no one else has done. She will teach you to respect yourself.

For the sake of your future, she will do absolutely anything, and will try her best to make you feel good with her. She has seen a lot, lived her life, gained experience, so she will never waste her time on those people who are not worthy of it. So, if she is with you, you can be sure of the sincerity of her feelings. But you must understand that it cannot be contained and not allowed to develop!

She will never live with the person who complicates her life and makes her worse. She will not beg for attention and love from a man. She will never run after a man, even if she has strong feelings for him. She knows what she deserves, what she deserves, and will take the maximum.

She will do everything to develop your relationship, but she will never make sacrifices for them if something threatens her well-being and happiness. She would never sacrifice herself. And she will not trample on her principles just to be close to you.

With her, you will be the happiest man on the planet, but only if she receives the same from you in return. If she realizes that you do not value her, she will simply end the relationship. And she will not be afraid to leave, because it is her own harmony and well-being that is more important to her.

Before building a relationship with a strong woman, think, but will you pull them? Will you be able to ensure a happy life for your partner, are you ready for the fact that you will always be on the sidelines?

Remember, if you ask her to choose between your relationship and yourself, she will always choose the second option, and this is not even discussed!

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