Varieties worktops manufactured by Merckx

Ordering the kitchen, not in the least appreciate the financial component of the working surfaces.

Wherein tabletop the kitchen and its price depends on the choice of material: the luxury natural stone and wood are expensive and complex care, the average price position is an artificial stone, the most economical option postforming. When comparing materials should take into account indicators:

  • moisture resistance;
  • heat resistance;
  • resistance to abrasive and aggressive household's Skin means;
  • maintainability;
  • wear resistance and durability.

merx The company offers the manufacture of headset for kitchen use artificial stone and postforming as the most technologically advanced and the corresponding hygiene requirements.

Artificial stone is presented in two versions - quartz and acrylic.


Quartz agglomerate has high consumer properties: it brings great moisture, high temperature, abrasive, weakly acidic or alkaline conditions, resistant to mechanical damage and repairable. It is important that its dense surface is resistant to penetration of bacteria and mildew.

The aesthetic quality of the material made him a favorite of designers - with low weight it simulates a variety of natural minerals in a variety of colors: marble, granite, onyx, travertine, jasper and many others.


Acrylic countertops from Merkx - kaolin derivative (white clay) acrylate and with the addition of coloring pigment. Due to this structure can be obtained as an imitation of natural stone, as well as the most fantastic combinations of patterns and textures. Pros material in the low cost and excellent consumer properties: thanks to the plasticity of the countertop can be made of any configuration.

Lack of primary and unlike quartz - several worse thermostability: it is impossible to forget about the support under hot, but the damage is easily sanded if necessary.


The main advantages of postforming - low price, low weight, a variety of colors and patterns. Material easily simulates any natural materials, while durable and easy to clean. It serves as a basis for post forming sheets of chipboard, so the humidity affects the quality of sealing joints.

Postforming is ample opportunity to create different designs by the design and shape of the tabletop. This material has the most attractive value for money is available to any wallet is selected settlers and youth, tracking fashion trends in the interior.