Psychologists: parenting a child by a mother affects his happiness in his adult personal life

It is mothers who pass on to the child the ability for interpersonal interaction.

The upbringing of a child, his connection with his mother affects how, already in adulthood, a son or daughter will communicate with people around him.

Including sexual partners.

The connection does not depend on social status or education, it is the same for all children, according to the assistant professor of the Department of Humanities at Ohio University Claire Camp Dusch.

As writes The daily mail citing the scientist, it is confirmed: parents influence how children build their relationships.

In connection with this discovery, the work of sociologists turned out to be useful, who, during the National Youth Survey in 1979, interviewed about 7,000 mothers and their children. The experts asked the respondents with whom they had sexual intercourse, with whom they lived, were they in a relationship, were they married.

After processing the information from the survey, Claire Camp Douche proved that the number of marriages and partners a mother has had an effect on her child.
Our parents show us an example of how to coexist with society. Someone behaves kindly, someone likes to argue, someone constantly apologizes. Children learn by looking at their parents. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the mother to the child.


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