How to prepare your child for vaccination: advice of Dr. Komarovsky

Vaccinations certainly worth it. To distinguish healthy from the sick child - a direct duty of a doctor, so check directly before vaccination - a prerequisite to the preparation of vaccination.

The baby is healthy, then you can safely do vaccinated. But sometimes worth a wait. If the inspection results do not adequately assess the state of health, it is the doctor will determine the feasibility and scope of a preliminary examination.

In which case vaccination should not do on an individual schedule

If a child has the disease, is not a contraindication to vaccination, but increase the risk of side effects of vaccination, the physician determines the tactics and duration of training.
If the initial administration of the vaccine was accompanied by moderate fever or allergic reactions, probably pre Use antipyretic or antiallergic agents pre-secondary immunization (of course, intended doctor).

How to prepare your child for vaccination: Dr. Komarovsky tips /

Terms of preparation for vaccination

  • A normal life. If you know how to properly care for the child: to feed, dress, walk, bathe, tempering, to assist in the simplest respiratory virus infections - so, if all you do is not only to know, but also implemented, the likelihood that your child without problems will take vaccinations maximum.
  • At the time of vaccination the child should be healthy. Well, first of all, from the standpoint of my mother! It is clear and evident that the body temperature should be normal, and that there should be no other complaints. But not only that! Behavior, mood, appetite, sleep - all as always. The doctor may not be aware of the fact that the baby at night inexplicably capricious, or that morning for some reason he has not finished his favorite yogurt. But my mother is obliged to respond. Watch, wait, postpone. In the end, no one is better mom would not be able to feel the state of the child and say the phrase "something is wrong".
  • Remember that vaccinations are not urgent. On the street terrible heat or freezing cold - set aside; planned trip, from which can not be abandoned - aside; came home from school the older brother with a cough and a bad cold - set aside.
  • Within 3-4 days prior to the planned vaccination should not experiment with new (Even if it is very useful and tasty) Food.
  • The lower the load on the digestive system, the more easily tolerated vaccine. In no case do not force the child to eat. Do not offer food until you ask. One day prior to vaccination on the ability to restrict the volume and concentration of food eaten. In any soup, any porridge spoon to float and can stand. Make to swim and quickly sank. When using dairy mixes or ready-soluble infant cereals must deliberately reduce the concentration. It is written on the packaging: 200 ml of water were put 6 tablespoons of powder. Put 5! If the crumbs are overweight - 4,5!
  • Does not feed your baby for at least one hour before inoculation.
  • On the eve of vaccination (maximum during the day) the child must be a chair. You today to the clinic, but the kid is not Kaka from yesterday? Make a cleansing enema, glycerin put a candle.
  • Remember to prepare a healthy child to be vaccinated whatever drugs were impossible. Any drugs allegedly facilitating vaccination tolerability: vitaminchiki, homeopathic remedies, herbs for the vessels, the beneficial bacteria drops for immunity and so on.. etc. - all popular methods of psychotherapy mom and dad, attempt to implement the principle of common mental well it is necessary to do something, and business manufacturers (distributors) of these drugs.
  • If you are going to the clinic for vaccination, try not to overdo it with clothes. It would be extremely desirable if the vaccination will greatly sweaty kid deficit fluid in the body. If the clinic still got sweaty, wait, change their clothes, well Napo.
  • 3-4 days before inoculation maximum limit child communication. Do not look for SARS: If possible, avoid crowded events, shops, public transport.
  • While in the clinic, to deter their sociability. Wait (Sit) into a side, cut the contacts. Ideally, the plant's dad turn, while they themselves take a walk with the baby in the fresh air.
  • If during your stay in the clinic you can not avoid close the crowded corridor, use for the prevention of SARS brines easiest - ordinary physiological solution of sodium chloride. These drops in the nose drip dityu every 15-20 minutes (2-3 drops in each nostril).
  • If the doctor has not informed you himself, be sure to ask him what for vaccine your child will receive the name of the drug. This information is necessary to remember or write down.

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