Your relationship has a future: main signs

Then you should urgently read the main indicators the seriousness of your connection.

You said goodbye to the past

It is about the fact that neither your ex-partner nor him will tear your soul apart at the mere thought of him anymore. In a strong current relationship, your attitude is more likely to be - accept, respect, but not interfere with the past of your half. Ideally, it should be spoken once and highlighted with emphasis on the fact that this chapter has been passed, and you are its present and, possibly, future.

You're not jealous of a guy's success

On the contrary, you share his achievements and are always happy with what he managed to achieve. In this way, your partner can motivate you as well. After all, the team type of relationship presupposes indirect participation in each other's lives and equal support.

You enjoy caring for each other.

It's important to add here that you both enjoy caring and removing attention. That is, you are pleased to make him breakfast in bed. And he is not at all a burden to wash the dishes and order your favorite chicken in sweet and sour sauce for dinner. This desire must come from the depths of your heart. And if it is, then it is quite possible that such a relationship can count on continuation.

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You feel comfortable

In general, love and comfort are different concepts. If the former is rooted in the abstract and sweet, then comfort is more about a constant and quite obvious feeling.

You support each other

Here, everything is clear: your partner is your reliable shoulder and direct support, which will be there at any time. Mutual support is the cement that holds a happy relationship.

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