9 ways to make the children's room cozy

How not to turn the nursery into a warehouse of toys and make it a really comfortable?

If your child has a separate room - he was already lucky. But that it can be enjoyable and productive to spend time to do all 9 steps.

Give your child plenty of space

Parents usually set aside for children the smallest room in the house. But in fact it was adults need a minimum of sleeping space, but in the nursery should be a few areas: to study, to play and rest, sleep and sport (or at least enough space to jump and make charging).

Make self-colored walls in the nursery

It is plain walls in pastel shades are a great backdrop to hang on the walls of photographs, drawings or other decor. Instead of the usual beige, you can choose an interesting shade of green or aquamarine, select different colors for each zone in the room: area of ​​study to make more vivid and sleeping area - quiet. It is important not to use the acid colors, as they have a negative impact on the psyche of the child. Use a paint or wallpaper that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, as on the walls of going to a lot of dust.

Keep track of the amount of "dust collectors"

If one children gather carpet, open shelves, canopy over the bed, curtains, curtains, paintings, photos and bean bags, the dust allergy can begin even at that child who was not inclined to her. Open shelves - generally not the best way to store children's clothes, there will constantly gather foreign objects and to maintain order will be difficult. If you like, that the room had a lot of fabric furniture and decor - good enough as often as possible to rescue them from the accumulated dust.

Provide area lighting

Children's room - a place where certainly not enough alone chandeliers. Each zone must have its own light: table lamp for study, night light, cozy light to the playing area, general lighting - for sports. You and your child will be comfortable if the lighting in each zone can be adjusted independently.

Create a starry sky effect

Starry sky calms baby and helps sleep. But do not use wallpaper with glow in the dark stars - they have a lot of phosphorus, which is harmful to children. To achieve the desired effect to help special night light projector.

Organize storage system

Achieve full order in the children's room is only possible for a short time. But if there is not enough room, boxes, chests and cabinets, or they are clogged, and things are piles in the corners - it does not add comfort to the children's space. To begin with, a revision - whether all toys, books and other items are really necessary to the child. Perhaps some things he had long outgrown, and they are kept out of inertia.

After getting rid of unnecessary - you can buy as many boxes as necessary for accurate storage of the remaining things. Boxes or baskets for storage must comply with the child's age: small children fit boxes with little animals and characters cartoons, children, older is better to choose a neutral storage system that will not stand out from the general style room.

Decorate garlands

Very cozy look garlands of light bulbs with warm light - and not necessarily in the New Year season. It is essential that electric garland was completely normal and the child has reached the age when not spoiled with electricity and wires.

You can also make your own paper garlands - but they need to be changed more often, in order not to accumulate dust. Garland may be in the shape of animals, birds, men or abstract shapes. You can also use them to create the mood of a certain time of the year: if you make a garland in the form of snowflakes, flowers or autumn leaves.

Try to maintain a certain style

Subjects in the nursery should approach each other to the room looked holistically and cozy. If a work area and a wardrobe are made in a pirate style bed - in the form of a racing car, and storage boxes even in some third style, the visual noise get in the room. Pick up all trash, large and small boxes from the same collection. Furniture and the bed is better to choose neutral, and decorate them with themed bedding and accessories.

Create a board desires

It can be a cork board or magnetic. It attach pictures, photographs, postcards, motivational phrase - all the things that will cheer up the child. You can also add a list of objectives - financial, sporting, educational. To create such a board it is necessary, along with the child, so you will learn more about his desires, joys, fears. And add to it, he can, of course, himself. Board desires need to hang in a prominent place - for example, over the desk.

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