TOP 4 things in your apartment that scare men away

You can, of course, say for a long time that the main thing is you, and a man should pay attention only to your person.

However, apartment - your face. And the way she is, directly affects the opinion of a man about you. Therefore, it is important to get rid of the following things so as not to scare away your chosen one.

Old toys 

Especially when there are many of them, and even in a conspicuous place. When men see a similar picture in the house of their passion, they involuntarily have a whole series of questions to your person. For some, toys are a sign of immaturity and infantilism. For some - tomfoolery. And some of the men simply do not take seriously the girls who showcase the entire collection of old toys on the bed or closet.

Dirty mirrors 

Don't feel like men don't pay that much attention. Usually, a mirror with spots is strong and immediately strikes the eye of every man. This little touch makes you feel like a bad housewife.

Bad smell 

Yes, yes, before a date, it is better to wash your clothes and throw out the trash. What is routine for you cannot be so for your chosen one. Of course, he may not show it, but to think to himself of something not very pleasant in your address is quite to himself.


Animals are a very delicate issue that needs to be dealt with individually. Of course, all the souls in the pictures do not like a cat or a doggie. However, do not forget that a man may be allergic to your pet's fur. It is better to warn him in advance about the presence of a beloved pet in your house.


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