Life-saving knowledge: how to distinguish coronavirus from regular flu?

Without panic, we will tell you how to timely recognize the coronavirus and take the necessary measures.

Coronavirus was first detected in China in December last year, to date, 170 have been recorded deaths, the same number of people were cured, and the number of infected increased to 7000 thousand.

Doctors note that the coronavirus differs in symptoms from the flu, to which we are accustomed, however diagnosis is still complicated due to the inattention of some patients to themselves and manifestations diseases.

What symptoms should cause concern?

  • A cough that appeared abruptly
  • Heat,
  • Labored breathing,
  • Sore throat combined with these symptoms.
Some people develop severe pneumonia due to infection with coronavirus, due to which fluid accumulates in the lungs and the condition becomes life-threatening. Remember that you can help your immune system today with vitamin therapy, hardening and hand washing.


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