5 hidden dangers in the home, to be aware of every mom

Take simple steps to keep their children safe.

Litter and slippery floors

Hundreds of thousands of people are injured due to the fact that just fell at home.

  • If your home has thresholds Spread the protective pad in hazardous locations.
  • Do not leave things scattered, keep in order of bags and shoes.

air fresheners

Most flavored products cause irritation of the nose, throat and eyes, and also increases the risk of cancer.


It would seem that dangerous? But in the risk group children. By the way, in the United States by strangulation cord from the blinds killed two children each month.

  • If you hang the blinds and do not place a crib near a window in the nursery.
  • If possible, lock the cords with hooks.

5 hidden dangers in the home, to be aware of each mother / pixabay.com

chests of drawers

There are occasions when a fallen dresser resulted in death of a child. We recommend attaching the rear wall of the chest to the wall with a hook. Also, do not place large and heavy objects on the chest of drawers.


Experts warn that candles contain toxic substances that can develop asthma or allergies.

Recommended light candles only in a ventilated area and use only natural candles - from beeswax or soy wax.

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