Mistakes in raising a child

The child becomes the center of the family, the parents are ready to move mountains for the sake of him, and at this moment something goes wrong ...

The child gets everything he wants

The kid, for whom the mother decides everything, will remain dependent even at a conscious age. In addition, he grows up spoiled, gets used to the fact that his parents provide him, age is secondary, more important is the habit that the child has developed.

The child is slowly socializing 

Children grow up happier when they can connect with their peers.

Of course, this does not mean that all parents should give birth to a baby brother or sister, but it is also impossible to replace communication with other children.

Let your child go to the playground, even if you want to be with him, remember that communication is insanely important for the baby.

The child is under the supervision of parents

One child is the maximum of the parents' hopes; from a very young age, the baby is under pressure. He is told that he needs to study well, be well-mannered, his parents constantly monitor his progress and this actually blocks the air. Excessive custody has never saved anyone from trouble.

Bans and constant monitoring will either make your child lack of initiative or provoke a teenage riot.


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