Can children eat sausage

Is it possible to give children sausage at all, what kind and at what age.

Sausages and sausages are processed foods that everyone should avoid. But it is impossible to meet modern babywho would never eat them. Therefore, we understand in more detail how to find less harmful options among these harmful options.

1. Sausage should not be given to children under 3 years old.

If we talk about boiled sausage with a reduced fat content, then little by little you can give it to a child from 3 years old to try. Smoked sausages - not earlier than 6-7 years old and in very limited quantities.

2. Sausage must comply with GOST

A sufficient meat content is observed in such a product. Choose a sausage that contains horse meat - more dietary and hypoallergenic meat.

Jamon can also be given to children - there are no unnecessary additives and preservatives in it.

3. Sausage should not be in a child's diet every day.

If a child sometimes eats a sausage sandwich or a slice of pizza, nothing bad will happen to him. But every day, such products should not be on the children's menu.

4. For problems with the gastrointestinal tract, smoked sausage is prohibited

You can give a small amount of cooked sausage or milk sausages. Any spices and additives will irritate the child's digestive system and aggravate the disease.

5. Pay attention to baby sausages

You won't find baby sausage on our counters, but there are baby sausages - usually they have more meat and fewer additives.

6. Read the composition carefully

Cooked sausage should contain only minced meat (soy is allowed), salt, eggs, milk, water and starch. The product should not contain E-preservatives.

7. Don't take hot pink sausage

Natural sausage cannot be that color - rather, it will be grayish.

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