How to prepare for a caesarean section

Caesarean section is not getting rid of contractions and attempts, but a serious operation that requires preparation and recovery.

Caesarean section is most often done for medical reasons. And of course, every woman is afraid of abdominal surgery, because this is a serious intervention in her body. How to him prepare?

1. Discuss all the details of the operation with the gynecologist in advance

A conversation with a specialist will help get rid of unnecessary fears and anxieties and look at the Caesarean with a healthy and practical look.

2. Think about the outcome of the operation, not about the operation itself

As in any childbirth, the main thing is meeting your child and his health. Remember that for doctors this is an ordinary operation (one of the most widespread in the world), they have done dozens or hundreds of them. They can handle you and your child. Get away from the hospital setting - the best is almost there.

3. Take your loved one with you

For the child's father, a caesarean section seems even more terrible than a regular birth, because this is a real serious operation, and not just your inner pain during labor, which he cannot understand.

It may not be the child's father next to you, but a mother, friend or any close person who will definitely keep calm and pass it on to you.

4. Tune in to recovery

Recovery from a caesarean section is often longer than from a natural birth. Stock up on help: let an assistant always be with you, who will eliminate the need to "crawl along the wall" in attempts to call a doctor and help with the child.

The pain begins approximately 4-5 hours after delivery, when the anesthesia stops working. Try to breathe deeply and evenly, download your favorite soothing music to your smartphone in advance. Remember that this period will end one way or another - and you will see your baby.

5. Do depression prevention

After a caesarean section, some women are "covered" with depression. This is a common maternal anxiety multiplied by feelings of guilt from a "wrong" birth and temporary separation from a newborn. Concentrate on your body, breath, sensations, feel the moment, keep maximum awareness. And keep in mind that this is all temporary and will soon pass, hormones will take their toll.

6. Fight for breastfeeding

At first, the child will most likely be supplemented with formula. But this is not a sentence - breastfeeding can be established. Take a breast pump to the hospital, bring a hepatitis B specialist home, try breastfeeding again and again, use silicone pads if your baby has injured nipples.

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