The ideal menu for a week in August: a note to the hostess

What to cook for breakfast? How to pamper your family for dinner? But what about a healthy and satisfying lunch?

All these questions are regularly asked by every woman.

The beloved family must be fed and satisfied every day, and the responsibility for this lies with the mother!

To relieve yourself of stress and forget about culinary failures, we recommend that you think over the menu for the whole week.

Some dishes you can use several times (next to them will be marked "in the refrigerator"), while others are served fresh.

This will give you the opportunity not to be idle at the stove for several hours and always please your loved ones with interesting culinary solutions.

We made a menu for a week for a family of 3 people, the season is summer, the month is August!


Breakfast - Buckwheat noodles.
Lunch - Pork in sweet and sour sauce.
Afternoon snack - No baked yoghurt cake.
Dinner - Soup in 15 minutes.
Workpiece for future use - Eggplant rolls.


Breakfast - I toast with an egg.

Lunch - 
Soup in 15 minutes (in a refrigerator).
Afternoon snack - No baked yoghurt cake. (in a refrigerator).
Dinner - Pumpkin caviar.


Breakfast - Fried eggs in onion rings.
Lunch - azu beef with sauce.
Afternoon snack - Fruit mousse made with seasonal ingredients.
Dinner - Gazpacho in 15 minutes, banana oat pie.


Breakfast - curd cake with rice flour.
Lunch - Gazpacho in 15 minutest.
Afternoon snack - banana oat pie.
Dinner - buckwheat pancakes, chicken salad with vegetables in pita bread.


Breakfast - semolina pudding.

Lunch - buckwheat pancakes.
Afternoon snack - fluffy apple pie.
Dinner - real ramen soup.


Fish day

Breakfast - oatmeal with dried fruits.
Lunch - real ramen soup.
Afternoon snack - fluffy apple pie.
Dinner - salad with ham and crab sticks., delicious minced hedgehogs.


Breakfast - corn porridge with banana topping.

Lunch - fried oatmeal in an omelet.
Afternoon snack - Apple strudel.
Dinner - fried oatmeal in omelette, spicy salad with chicken in sauce.


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