5 unusual uses for dish soap

It can help you out in several more life situations.

If you are used to using detergent utensils purely for the purpose, it will be useful for you to learn a few life hacks for added benefit.

Removing grease stains from clothes

Dishwashing detergent can remove grease from the plate as well as from the fabric. It is enough to rub it into the stain and rinse it with warm water.

Floor cleaner

Just two tablespoons per bucket of water and you've got a great floor cleaner. The only thing is that it is not suitable for all surfaces, only tiles and linoleum.

Cleaning combs

Sebum constantly accumulates on combs and combs. And it is the dishwashing detergent that can quickly and effectively deal with it.

Cleaning of plastic furniture

Also suitable for cleaning garden furniture. It is enough to dilute the product in water, pour it into a spray bottle, sprinkle it and wipe it with a cloth.

Cleaning of kitchen surfaces

If cabinets or countertops are soiled with grease, do not use harsh chemicals. It can be easily removed with a regular dish soap.

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