10 reasons for miscarriage in early pregnancy

Many reasons can lead to early miscarriage. We've collected 10 common ones to keep moms-to-be careful.

1. The embryo was formed with genetic deviations and the body rejects it on its own due to the mutation that has occurred.

2. The woman became pregnant with hormonal disorders.

3. The future parents have a conflict over the Rh factor (for a woman it is negative, and for a man it is positive).

4. The expectant mother was diagnosed with serious infections.

5. Due to the inflammatory process, the body temperature rose above 38 degrees.

6. Previously, the pregnant woman had abortions.

7. The expectant mother was taking medication.

8. The woman suffered emotional shock and stress.

9. The expectant mother allowed herself prolonged nervous and physical stress, ate improperly and slept little.

10. During pregnancy, there were injuries, sharp falls.

Emergencies with a woman.


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