How to remove brilliant green from your clothes: proven life hacks

It is incredibly easy to get rid of traces of brilliant green. The main thing is not to panic from the beginning, pull yourself together and use the methods proven over the years.

You can wash brilliant green in 10 minutes with the most pleasant layouts. This is in view of the fact that the stain is fresh. If it has already managed to dry well, it is necessary to resort to more serious methods.


This tool does an excellent job with cotton and removes stains from it with a bang. You need to completely fill the stain with the product. Then wait 5 minutes and rinse the product thoroughly again. If the blot has not disappeared, repeat the procedure. Then wash it along with your other items in the washing machine.

Hydrogen peroxide

This pharmaceutical solution will also help you to deal with marks on your clothes. If your stain is very small, it's best to just dab it with peroxide with a cotton pad. Larger spots require more attention. These must be washed for an hour.

Alcohol and lemon juice

If your fabric is made from natural materials, make a 1: 1 solution of alcohol and juice in lemon. Carefully cover the green stain with it. Take a cotton pad and with gentle movements begin to clean the brilliant green from the fabric. Then wash it in a regular typewriter.

Soda and vinegar

For the most severe cases, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar can help. You need to wet the fabric and thoroughly cover it with baking soda. Then pour some vinegar over it. A chemical reaction will help remove the stain in just a couple of minutes. But beware: this is also one of the most dangerous methods.


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