Don't Try To Repeat: Celebrity Extreme Diets

Sometimes, experimenting with food can cost you your health.

Celebrities are always "under the gun" of public attention and paparazzi, and therefore strive to look perfect. Like ordinary people, sometimes the stars resort to too extreme methods. lose weight.

We warn you right away that you should not repeat this at home.

Nicole Kidman

Once she admitted that she does a "detox" every two weeks: she doesn't eat anything for three days, but drinks herbal teas and freshly squeezed juices.

According to experts, it is impossible to detoxify the body in 3 days - it takes at least 10 days. And it should, of course, take place under medical supervision.

The kilograms dropped on such a diet will quickly return after the first normal meal.

Rene Zelwegger

The actress admitted that in a few days she would start eating only ice cubes.

Basically, it is "eating" water and a hunger strike, which loses its effect when you return to regular food. And from hunger, you will probably eat more than usual.

Victoria Beckham

Designer and businesswoman Victoria Beckham always eats fractionally and in small portions, which allows her to maintain perfect shape at any age.

And before important social events, she completely reduces the portion to the size of a palm and practically refuses carbohydrates.

Such a diet, of course, is not good for the body, because it does not receive important nutrients and fiber and vegetables and fruits. All food groups should be present in the human diet in moderation in order to ensure adequate nutrition and normal functioning of the body.

Reese Witherspoon

The secret of losing weight for an actress for important filming and events is baby food. It is low in calories, hypoallergenic and sold in small portioned jars.

That's just the daily requirement of an adult body in calories and nutrients is difficult to cover with such a menu.


Over the course of several decades of her career, Madonna has tried many ways to maintain her slimness. According to the latest data, she eats according to the lunar calendar, and does not eat at all on the days of the new moon and full moon.

She also practices "scent saturation", when instead of eating food, the star simply sniffs it.

This, by the way, can be very unhealthy, since gastric juice is actively produced from the smell of food. And since food does not come, the juice eats away at the walls of the stomach, leading to gastritis and even ulcers. And with such diseases, you will not have to think about losing weight at all.

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